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    YouTube TV Review

    YouTube TV is a relatively new television streaming service that allows you to watch tv on most if not all of your internet connected media devices. For a fair rate of $49.99 a month you get access to 70+ channels and tons of free on-demand movies and episodes right at your fingertips. 6 Accounts are included, these accounts are part of your family sharing setup and each user gets their own private DVR and customized channel lists.

    One of the biggest highlights are that there are no limits on the cloud DVR that is included in your $49 subscription, this means when you add a series to your DVR library that the entire series can get recorded over time as new/old episodes air…this makes the service akin to something like Netflix.

    Because you’re using Google servers the streams are some of the most stable available in 2019, stuttering or connection loss is extremely rare when compared to services like Sling and Hulu TV.

    Rick Hernandez
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