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    Viking Contemporary Cookware Review

    Today we’ll be taking a look at the Viking Contemporary Cookware set, we are specifically reviewing the 7 piece version.

    I purchased a stainless steel cookware set after being fed up with having to constantly throw away non-stick pans…they all promised the same thing and never delivered. They’re often made of cheap, thin aluminum bodies that warp even on the lowest of heat settings, not to mention the potential adverse health affects of cooking with chemically laced cookware.

    Aesthetics and Design

    The exterior of the pots and pans have a beautiful mirror finish that is sure to make any kitchen look like a professional kitchen at a Michelin 4-star restaurant. The conical design is supposed to reduce cooking times. The included lids are sturdy and built to last. The handles are rather large but very comfortable to handle.

    I was a little taken a back by how substantial they were considering my smaller kitchen has somewhat limited space, but I was impressed but how “real” they felt. This set wasn’t a play toy like the Rachel Ray non-stick cookware set I was considering.

    After the initial shock wore off and I realized what a value this cookware set could be, I adjusted my thinking. During the review period for this article I promised myself I wouldn’t get frustrated or angry at any messes I made, this mindset helped me to overcome my fear or scorched pans and I learned so much in the process.

    I selected the Viking Contemporary 7 piece cookware set because of it’s tri-ply stainless steel construction. Like many people I’ve always been poor at cooking with stainless steel, but it always intrigued me watching people could cook such beautiful meals, their pans looked so perfect.

    I did some research and found that cheap stainless steel cookware is shoddy in construction and doesn’t provide even controlled heat like a more expensive tri-ply set can.

    The 7 piece set is more than adequate for our household, we wanted something professional level and built to last. Teflon is a gross chemical that eventually cooks off into your food and goes into your body, although there are not any studies that suggest Teflon is entirely dangerous, it just felt like time to grow up and buy a real pot and pan set.

    Stainless Steel does better at a controlled medium heat

    You have to time cooking a little better

    Prep ingredients before you get started

    Cleaning is almost effortless if you are patient

    Vinegar is your best friend to remove residual spots

    Learn the water test when you first begin with new pots and pans

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    Viking Contemporary Cookware Review

    Today we'll be taking a look at the Viking Contemporary Cookware set, we are specifically reviewing the 7 piece version.

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