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    Huel Review

    Huel is a meal on steroids (if steroids were actually good.) – With it’s unique flavor system and nutrient dense power punch it creates a new sort of protein shake but with actual nutritional value instead of poor quality filler and ‘junk.’

    Huel Review

    When you first take a look at the powder mix you are met with skepticism but the minute you taste the flavor notes of oats, nuts and vanilla you quickly become aware of what a great thing this can be in your daily life.

    If you lead an active lifestyle or simply don’t want to be bothered with mundane things like meal prep and cleanup for something simple like breakfast, lunch or maybe even dinner; Why not try Huel? What sets Huel apart from other shake supplements is that it cannot be surmised as another protein shake.

    Huel has gone out of their way to craft something that can literally replace your every meal if you so wish. You would receive all of the necessary nutrients your body needs as well as the healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lots of vegan protein. Together these elements create a sort of complex cornucopia of nutrition and various earthy flavors.

    There is still something very dystopian feeling about receiving your food supply from a FedEx truck, but there is also something very future forward about using Huel. The idea of it just seems to make a lot of sense. Their marketing talks about reducing carbon footprint and being vegan…but is it actually any good?

    Most consumers genuinely hate preparing breakfast and lunch and they will typically make poor decisions around these two meal times simply because they want to feel satiated.

    Huel changes this, it is very easy to pack on the go, it’s clean and requires very little prep. If you can pour milk and water into a blender bottle you can mix Huel.

    The taste isn’t upsetting, you won’t have to force yourself to chug it and you will most likely look forward to your next serving knowing it’s helping you make more appropriate dietary choices whilst tasting pretty amazing.

    1. You will save money

    Huel is not as speedy as you might expect, it comes in at around $2.00 a meal if you break down the math. I don’t know about you but that is a huge savings when I reflect on my own costs. Meals from most fast food joints are starting to encroach prices anywhere from $7 to $9 – that’s a lot of money for food that isn’t even good for you.

    2. Huel can help manage caloric intake

    Below is a sample of how you might use Huel in your daily routine, everyone’s needs are different, this illustrates just how complete of a meal replacement Huel is.

    Seth 2,454 cal per day

    Seth, 25, male. 6ft (1m 83cm) and 12st 0lbs (76kg). Exercises 3x per week. Maintaining weight needs 2,454 cal. To lose it, we recommend a deficit of 500 cal per day. To gain weight, a 500 cal daily surplus.

    Melanie, 1,908 cal per day

    Melanie, 25, female, 5’7″ and 144.40 lbs. Exercises 3x per week. Maintaining weight needs 1,908 cal. To lose it, we recommend a deficit of 400 cal per day. To gain weight, a 400 cal daily surplus.

    3. You will feel satiated (and satisfied)

    Having been loaded with nutrients, essential fats and hearty foods this mixture does help you to feel satiated. Let’s face it, we all eat poor quality fast food more often than we care to admit, Huel can replace that junk food.

    4. You will likely feel healthier

    The average American diet is heavy is bad fats, high in carbs and chock full of weird sounding preservatives. I’m no science major but I don’t feel I should need to be to decipher ingredients. Huel is transparent about what is in this magical mixture, there are no gross fillers or high fructose corn syrup ingredients. It’s hard to explain the feeling after using this product religiously for the past week…I feel great.

    5. You might become more “regular”

    So, it’s an odd topic for some, but being “regular” is a happy side-effect of eating natural foods like brown rice, oats and flax seed. The composition of ingredients will definitely help with bowel movements. American diets are typically deficient in much needed fiber, Huel strikes a balance in your body and within 2-3 days you will probably notice a positive change in this area. There can be some mild gas during the first 1-2 days of usage, but not nothing dire. We wanted to make sure our Huel review was complete and felt this area needed to be addressed, albeit a bit weird to talk about. 😂

    6. It truly tastes quite amazing

    Huel is different from similar shakes in a myriad of ways. Most shakes contain saccharin sweet nauseating chemical flavors. You immediately become aware of how much effort Huel put in to not make that mistake with its meal replacement shakes.

    The Huel shakes come from the manufacturer in either Vanilla, Vanilla gluten-free, or unsweetened/unflavored varieties, which allows folks to make to blend ingredient to form their own flavors. Mixing in berries or peanut butter powder can dramatically enhance and change the flavor of the mixture. Adding Almond Milk instead of water can also create a completely different flavor profile.

    Huel vanilla flavor offers a decent amount of sweet, some of which comes from the artificial sweeteners in it. I like the taste of some artificial sweeteners like Stevia. The vanilla flavor is this creamy flavor profile of ice cream and oatmeal cookies. It sounds kind of weird but it comes across very well and compliments the oaty/nutty flavor of the drink.

    When I placed my order I tried out the flavor boost ‘Cappuccino’ and it was honestly really quite delicious. Huel sells these additional flavor powders to change up your flavor and fire up your taste buds. They are all without sweeteners and nutritionally do not add anything, these are strictly for crafting different drink flavors.

    Flavor Boosts Available:

    – Strawberry

    – Chocolate

    – Banana

    – Cappuccino

    – Chocolate Mint

    Alternatively you could get away with mixing in ingredients you probably have in your cupboard, things like cocoa powder dramatically change the flavor without adding sugar or unnatural ingredients. During our Huel review we experimented with a few different additions, such as peanut butter, cocoa and mixed berries. All of them came out tasty.

    I personally give it an 9 out of 10 in the flavoring department. The bottom-line is that Huel is versatile and flexible, it’s not overpowering and kind of delicious.

    7. It’s expertly crafted with real foods not fillers

    Huel contains a carefully selected blend of Oats, Pea Protein, Flaxseed, Brown Rice Protein, MCTs from Coconut, Sunflower Oil, a Vitamin and Mineral Blend, Vanilla Flavor and sweetener.

    Huel comes in two flavors, Vanilla (an oaty, light vanilla taste) and Unflavored & Unsweetened so you can add your own flavor and sweetener. We have also developed a range of Flavor Boosts – Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Cappuccino, Chocolate Mint.

    It’s ethically sourced, 100% vegan, a nutritionally complete product with no waste and a year long shelf life. Huel also has a low GI and very low sugar content, with no added sugar, no genetically modified ingredients, soy, eggs, dairy meat and animal products at all. Yet despite all this, it still remains high in protein and fibre, with at least 100% of the Daily Values (DV) for all 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

    8. Huel is chock full of beneficial proteins

    The daily recommended value for protein is around 50g per day, this only covers basic needs and prevents protein deficiency. Western diets typically provide more, and Huel does too.

    The meal replacement powder offers essential amino acids. These essentials are included in generous amounts from two vegan protein sources: pea and rice protein. In addition to these two sources you also get some protein from the oat powder.

    Based on an average 2,000 calorie intake, you’ll be consuming 148g protein per day from Huel: this provides a good amount for optimal health benefits as well as building and maintaining a healthy body functions. Protein derived from peas is actually known to be more satiating (appetite suppressing) than other macronutrients typically used. Huel was designed to stop unwanted hunger pangs and fuel our bodies for the long haul.

    9. It’s packed with Phytonutrients (plant fuel)

    Phytonutrients are found in plant foods which, whilst they are not essential, they may exhibit some health benefits like disease risk prevention.

    Typically American fast food diets and many synthetic liquid diets that aren’t based on wholesome foods are deficient in phytonutrients. Case in point many consumers miss out on invaluable health benefits and antioxidant effects these phytonutrients provide.

    Huel’s ingredients are primarily plant-based foods, they are phytonutrient-rich and the benefits are passed onto anyone that consumes Huel.  Huel has also added some additional phytonutrients to optimize the formula and to complement the antioxidant nutrients vitamins C and E and selenium.

    Phytonutrient polyphenols in Huel have antioxidant activity and help protect against cardiovascular disease, some cancers and age related conditions. What’s not to love about that?

    10. Huel is shelf-stable for up to a year

    With Huel you don’t have to worry about spoilage and food waste, you buy what you need and re-up your order when you want more. They even offer a super convenient subscription option if you desire. No surprises, no gimmicks and no games.

    Ready to take the plunge?

    We’re all different and all have slightly different needs but Huel is truly as close to a one size fits all meal replacement system as you will ever get. If you would like to try Huel you can use this link to score $10 off of your first order of Huel. For a limited time, in addition to $10 off you’ll also be able to get a free Huel t-shirt as well as a free blender bottle!


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    With Huel you don’t have to worry about spoilage and food waste, you buy what you need and re-up your order when you want more. They even offer a super convenient subscription option if you desire. No surprises, no gimmicks and no games. This is an excellent quick meal that can be made with just a shaker bottle and some water, it's convenient and nutrient dense.
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